Friday, July 12, 2013


So, I'm going for a walk in my neighbourhood and noticing that there are several homes that are having their roofs replaced.  We are in the middle of getting some estimates. Our roof needs to be replaced this summer.
As I walked past this one house for some reason I was curious about the roofer.  Her didn't have a company name on his truck and so i was really curious who this guy was.  he seemed like the kind of guy I would  want to do my roof.  On my way home I caught his attention and I asked him who his company was. He came down from the roof and said that he just did this as a side job.  His real job was being a Police Officer.  I was somewhat impressed.
Then he introduced himself to me as Bob and instantly I knew who he was.
I said to him "You are my cousin!". And he looked at me like I was nuts then all of a sudden he goes Judy ---------?!
Sure enough this was my moms brothers kid!  
I hadn't seen him since his dads funeral and hadn't talked to him since I was a kid.
What are the chances?

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