Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ladner Village Market

the middle one went to a new home

meet:  Finger Monsters (puppets)

market day 1/2 hour before opening.  This is one arm of the market

Happy Customer.  The bag on the right was a bag she bought  a few years ago.
When she saw the matching material on the bag on the left today, she just had to buy it.
Plus one other one.

I caught a fly by the wing

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog troubles

Well, two days later and big thanks to Tim Sanders at Dysatron my knitting Chair domain is back and everything is as it should be!!! I am so happy. I thought I might have to change the name of my store. Yikes! That would be terrible. I hadn't realized how important this blog was to me. I will pay more attention. Thanks Tim!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birds eye view of Vancouver

Went up the Vancouver Harbor Center Sat night.  
I just love seeing things with a different eye.
It gives you a new perspective.

Canada Place

Stanley Park in the background

General Motors place with its new retracting roof

Gastown in the middle of the trees
Indian Arm in the distance

Very interesting balcony halfway up a building
 see the building in the next picture

Elgin Hall craft fair

Had a craft fair this past weekend.  It was inside a hall and it was also a sunny day.  Not alot of traffic but a fun day none the less.  
My little Zwaag bag suits her don't you think?