Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Material Linda

When I met Linda she told me that she had a lot of sweaters, wool blankets, material, wool and wool thread.  A bunch of years ago to get her through a hard time is her life she did a lot of shopping in thrift stores.So I went to visit her and  saw that she lived in this cute little old house that didn't seem to fit in with the new  houses in her neighborhood.  She said I would feel a little overwhelmed with the selection but I was willing to take the chance.
                       Well, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! Her house was full of sweaters, wool, vintage materials, Barkcloth, Needlepoint wool, vintage sheets and blankets etc. Everything was neatly folded and put on shelves and tables.  It almost looked like a gallery of material. Everything was folded and neatly  Even though the house didn't look look like much  from the outside the inside looked so cute and was homey.  The next thing I noticed was how clean and spotless everything was.   Not a dust bunny in sight!
She had lovingly washed, dried, de-pilled, stroked, folded neatly and put away every single item.  When I took my selection home I had a hard time deciding whether or not to felt them or to wear them! So this morning I am felting SOME of them. I will be making some over the shoulder messenger type bags. Here are the sweaters that I felted:

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