Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jewelry Bags

Last night I went to a friends house to sell some Knitting Chair creations. She invited several other people to sell their stuff and then ask us to invite anyone that would be interested to come. Well, it was a very nice evening.  I learned more about what people love to buy.  Besides my jewelry bags I made several dryer balls for fun and people loved them also.  They were also interested in hats.

 So, planning for next year will be more productive. I know where to spend my time.

 Also, another friend who makes jewelry asked if she could take the rest of my bags and sell them at the next few craft fairs that she will be at.  Her jewelry line is call SweetPiece. Very pretty stuff.  She uses alot of pearls and sparkly jewels and they look very nice in my jewelry bags.

This is one of my favorites
It went to a very good home!