Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vancouver during the Winter Olympics 2010

Many Inukshuks made by many people

The Russian House former know as Science World

In front of Molson House

Suisse Fans on their way to the Suisse/Norway Hockey game

People, people, people.  Streets were closed and there was people everywhere.  Solid people.  Did I mention that there was alot of people?

The Cauldron.  You could stand in line for 1 hour and get this view or you could not and be here....

They had it fenced off because this was the first time in history that the flame was on the ground.

This shot was worth waiting for an hour.
Being in down town Vancouver today was amazing.  People were smiling, everyone was excited, there was more people thatn normal speaking different languages and the weather was amazing!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay

We saw the Torch Relay today.  Was this ever exciting.  There was so many people all waiting and getting so excited just to watch  this guy  walk by.   It has got me all fired up for the competitions.  I'm thinking of doing my own Olympic competition.  Knitting.  Pick a project, start on the opening ceremonies and complete by the closing.  I have a few days to decide what project to do.  I will let you know.  More details to come.