Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My niece and nephew were expecting a baby at the end of Oct 09 but the kid was late. Everyday we were waiting and a few days before my birthday, Nov 2, I said I would knit the kid whatever the mama wanted if it was born on that day. Well, sure enough the little guy was born Nov 2.
Secretly I was excited. I really wanted a kid to knit for and this was becoming an opportunity I couldn't pass up.
It was a great story and still is. I tell my friends and they get a good chuckle.
So I sent Heidi to Ravelry and she chose this pattern Get Ziggy
I bought the pattern, knitted the sweater and threw in the hat just cuz it was so cute and as we speak it is on its way to Hamilton Ontario.
Oh, I couldn't just send Harper something. What would Eden think?
So, I made her a pair of socks. They're not actually hers because once they get too small for her Harper will wear them.
I hope they fit and keep their little feet warm. Its tricky knitting for someone on the other side of Canada.

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  1. OHH - thank you so much Aunt Judy - the sweater, hat and socks look so warm and cozy and wonderful! I'll let you know when they arrive. Thank you SO much.