Friday, October 30, 2009

Teaching Knitting

One thing I just love doing is teaching someone how to make something. This is Audrey and she though making socks would be something she could never do. So I said I could teach her the basics for making a sock by guiding her through the Fuzzy Feet pattern from
This of course is a very large sock that will be felted and the result will be a very warm and Fuzzy slipper. Nice thing about this process is that when you felt something it hides all mistakes. Unlike a sock that has to be presice, a Fuzzy Feet pattern can teach her all the same steps for making a sock.
Audrey was amazed, as you can see by her expression, that she was able to make this.
I was very happy and satisfied that I could guide her through this process.


  1. I wish I lived closer to you as I want to learn how to knit! My brother just might be moving out there soon so we will be visiting more often if that happens.

  2. We would love to have visits from you and the fam. Your family is so cute. Enjoy these days because, it doesn't seem so at the time, but they go so very fast. I actually learned how to make socks from the internet. It took some time but I loved it.

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