Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon

Just came home from a five day camping trip to Nehalem Bay State Park. Oregon parks are amazing. They are so clean and so quiet and the people are friendly. I went there with Erin, Maxine, Donna, Emma, Megan, and Rebecca.

This was my first view of the ocean step by step. Amazing!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fibre Art Studio

So this morning I took a drive out to the Fibre Art Studio. I saw Vivian and she took a look at some more of my knitted things. I had alot and she took it all except the bowls. I suppose she couldn't wrap her head around wool bowls. Oh well...
I sold two items. Yeah!!!
She told me to be patient because I am a new artist to the store.
People are just noticing and they will be back.
You can find them at fibre art weaving studio

I love Dorothy!!!

Dorothy is my neighbor. She shares her parsley and flowers with us and in turn we give her cherries and tomatoes.
When we go on holidays she takes care of our garden and it always looks better than when I left.
This morning she gave me this beautiful bouquet. These are sweet peas and parsley. She had alot of parsley this year.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer knitting

Even though I haven`t blogged lately I have been knitting up a storm. NO surprise there.

One day I was driving one of my kids somewhere and I stumbled across this store out in the country. I of course, had to go in and check it out. After going down a long driveway with flowers on both sides, I mean lots of flowers in rows, I parked my car and walked into the store and was greeted right away by two very friendly ladies. The store was filled with hand made items and I thought I died and gone to heaven.
Inside were tables of knitted items of all sorts and styles, handmade soaps, a large cooler with freshly picked flowers, a display filled with honey items from their own bees, and in the back of the store were two weaving looms set up and working. The wall was filled with all kinds of colored wools and samples of Vivienne`s weaving were every where. She weaves recycled T-shirts and jeans. She also makes the most amazing scarves that she sells at some juried craft sales. I talked to Vivienne and of course told her I was a knitter.
She was interested in seeing some of my stuff.
I walked out of there feeling excited and very thankful.
A few weeks later I filled a hugh bag full of hats, bags, socks and headed out. When I got there Vivienne took all of my things and suggested more items I could make to help fill her store. She also sells Tupperware, Watkins and people can come there to pick their own flowers. Very cool!!! She`s been there for a long time and has regular customers so maybe things might sell. Oh, by the way the address of this place is the same house number of my house when I was 10. 3309. Interesting.

So needless to say Ive been knitting more things to build up my inventory. Here are a few examples:

What do you think...Oh never mind... I know...

Facebook = no blogging

Ever since I started Facebook I haven't blogged. I think I have to change that.