Friday, July 3, 2009

My Garden

The cherries this year were abundant and delicious
Is this a bad bug? He looks bad...
You'll never guess what plant this flower belongs to...
Oh ya, aphids are a problem at times. They love my rose bush, snowball tree lupins and amaranthas . They're not hard to get rid of and you don't have to use anything nasty. In small quantities like this I usually squish them but in larger groups I put my sprayer on JET and just give them a good blast. The plant does not mind and the aphids go flying. You have to stay on top of them though, or they can take over.
Click on this photo and you will enjoy the abundance of our harvest with out the messy chewing, sweet juice dripping from your mouth and the worse part, spitting of the pit.
Oh, by the way that flower is from a potato plant. Really!!!