Monday, June 15, 2009

Denise has returned!!!

My travelling daughter has returned from her trip down under. It was so awesome to see her walk towards us at the airport. She looked fantastic. Well, maybe a bit skinnier, but fantastic. She had a great time and as the days go by we hear more and more stories of her adventures.
Since she came from the winter to our summer she is very pale. Her friends even say she glows because she is so pale.
At the moment she is sleeping. I think coming back is a harder adjustment than going there. She arrived at 10:30 pm and didn't sleep till the next day. She was wide awake the whole night and was waiting for us to wake up. The adrenaline didn't help either. So hopefully she can adjust soon and start looking for a job.
Travelling is expensive even if you live in your car. Yes, you read that right. She went on a road trip with two other girls and to save money they slept in their car only checking or sneaking into hostels to have a shower and do their wash. They ate alot of Mr. Noodles and pasta and carefully bought other food on a strict budget.
Anyways she had a wonderful time and I'm sure she is planning her next trip. Not that I like that but she has that wandering look in her eyes.

Bungy jumping, hiking, buying a caravan and travelling in New Zealand
Elephant riding in Thailand
Four wheeling trip, Resort visiting, Snorkaling and Surfing in Australia.
These are just some of the things that I know about.

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