Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tim's 2nd Scaphoid Bone Surgery

Well, the day finally has come and gone. Tim had his 2nd surgery for his scaphoid bone repair. This time he had 5 pins and only one screw. He also had several staples put in his hip where they took bone and marrow to graft onto the scaphoid bone. It was more painful for him this time. The hip has been quite painful so far. He walks with a cane. He visited his Opa, who is recovering from hip replacement surgery and had this pic taken:This thursday Dr. Jackson will take off the dressing and put on another cast. This has to be on for 8 weeks. Oh joy!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Etsy Treasury

As some of you know I have set up a store on to sell some of my bags. I haven't had any buys but lots of looky lous. It's all very fun and exciting. Well, this morning I noticed that one of my bags was features in the Etsy Treasury. put together by Dorothy. Check it out.

I've also donated a bag to my friend Helen who will be walking the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. For those of you who don't know she will be walking 60 KM in two days. I walked this the first year Vancouver had it and it was an amazing experience. You have to raise $2000 to be able to participate. I didn't think I could get this much but because of the generosity of many of my friends and family I made my goal. So now I want to help Helen. She is auctioning off my Argyle bag.
So check this out and see some of the other things that were donated for a very worthy cause.