Thursday, November 6, 2008

Unloading my stuff at a friends Craft Sale

This is Craft Sale Season. I spent two days putting the finishing touches on some projects so that I could put them in a friends Craft Sale held in her house this weekend. It's suppose to rain all weekend so I'm not expecting too much traffic. I've never done this before so I'm not sure how it will go. Here are a few things that I finished. Sorry about the quality of the pictures:

The Buttonhole Bag made from Buffalo Wool , felted , with a button made of a deer antler. This scarf was made using the Branching Out pattern
The Buttonhole bag with a dry needle felted design. Imagine it with the other purse handle invisible...come on I know you can!!!
Neck Warmer: a Homemade Originals Pattern. Warm and Fuzzy.
Booga Bag with an attached felted flower
Pumpkin Hat from Fiber Trends
Another Booga Bag with a dry felted flower
Amanda's Squatty Sidekick from Knitting Daily patterns and Susan Anderson's pattern for an apple cover made into a money bag with drawstrings
A mesh bag evolved from Amy Singer's Everlasting Bag Stopper pattern. Its hard to see but it also has a deer antler button.
Another mesh bag with an attached homemade button from a Steveston artist. Neck Warmer from Homemade originals patterns. Those are also Mini mittens and Baby Uggs made of Buffalo wool and a baby hat from Saartje Knits. A baby hat that will not fall off.
another mesh bag...

and yet another...these are Fuzzy Feet slipppers from Soooo warm!!!
This was some crazy thing I started knitting. I like knitting with two colors and creating my own pattern as I go. I used Buffalo wool and felted it. The shape was kind of weird but I managed to form it into a cool bag with a sturdy short handle.

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