Friday, November 28, 2008

Results of knitting and felting like crazy

Well, I tried my best with the camera that I have to make some great pictures. I used a light box of my own making and hoped for the best. So here are some of the best pics from that group. These are also some of the items that I will be selling at the Arts and Craft Marketplace tomorrow.

Don't you just love the colors.

Here's a few bowls I had fun making.

This is Noro Kureyon
I had no idea that I made so many bowls.

These next few bags are camera cases or
credit card holders or
cell phone and lipstick holders

You would not believe how soft this is.
It's just like the top of a baby's head after he's had a bath. Really.
This one matches one of the sweater bags.

This could be your change purse!!!
I made these for Christine. She asked if I would make them for her brother-in-law who always has cold feet. He's going to love these. I sure wish I could find her phone number...mmmm
So, so, so, warm!!!

An awesomely warm neck warmer. I got the pattern from here.
More mittens for more people.
Little, little people, or you could use them for a bookmark, or a
Christmas tree decoration, or
hang them from your rear-view mirror...
This is Susan B. Andersons apple, or pear protector. Isn't that a great idea??? Someone should come up with a banana protector. Mmmm, maybe not.
A cute little bag for inside your purse or
to take along for your cell phone and a few personal items for the evening
I just couldn't resist making this hat. It's so cute and fun to make. It's for a baby and in case you can't tell its a pumpkin.
Well, this picture is sideways. I'm not sure how that happened. Anyways, this is Saartjes baby hat. I've never tried it on a real baby but its not suppose to come off, i mean the babe can not pull it off. The socks are really nice and warm.
I was really tired when I made this.

Warm baby booties

Isn't he cute? He's actually made up of three bowls. Surprised?
I came up with this idea one morning before I got out of bed.
I tell ya, it just never stops. I just love his carrot nose!!!

Well, I am tired and am looking forward to the Art fair tomorrow. I put alot of time, fun and enjoyable time, into making these things. I'll just be tickled if someone actually wants to buy any of these items. Secretly, I hope noone wants the snowman. He'd look so good in my house.

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