Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer is Over youngest and the only one that goes to school right now has returned to school. She is in grade 11 and doesn't seem so excited about going. We had a great summer, her and I , doing all kinds of stuff. She was always around and didn't mind hanging with her mother. We went camping several times, gave ourselves camping pedicures complete with rock toe separators,
did some fishing,
climbed a few mountains,

climbed the grouse grind with her Father and beat him every time at 52 minutes.
I think the summer would have been more interesting for her if we had gone on a road trip. This is what she really wanted to do so hopefully next summer we can do abit of travelling instead of staying in the same place camping. Having kids all over and trying to get them all together
for a camping expereince is not easy and so staying close to home was the best solution for the family.

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