Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daughter going to Australia

Dd #2 is going travelling with a few friends to Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. She will leave Sunday and come home at the end of May. She'll have three summers in a row so she'll need something to keep her popcan (I'm sure)cool. I made her one. The friends that she will be travelling with want one too. So...I made two more.

Felted cover for my new camera. I just love this camera. Its a Canon A720.
Josie is doing what she loves to do. Sleeeeeeeep.

Several months ago, when I would get up in the morning I would fine balls of wool everywhere. Now, these balls of wool were not there the night before and I knew that Josie had brought them out. It was kind of funny. They'd be anywhere in the house. Well, it suddenly stopped. I don't know why it stopped but it did. About four mornings ago, I found wool once again and every morning since. Now, is this weird behaviour? She walks around with them in her mouth meowing. I thinks its real cute.

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