Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weight Watchers

Well, I started Weight Watchers and am somewhat dissappointed in myself. I thought the last time I was on weight watchers that it would be my last diet. I lost 23 pounds and felt awesome. My clothes fit, I could bend over and tie my shoes without feeling like I would loose my lunch. The worst part of gaining the weight back is that I snore even louder than before. I was a snorer but the heavier I got the louder it became. This is what my dh says. We also want to do more hiking and we are planning a trip to Mexico next year, soooooo... I know I would be happier if I would loose some weight. I'm 156 pounds and 5' 1" high. So I plan on getting to 130-135. This would be ideal. So I am in week one and have not lost anything yet. I walk everyday and follow the Core program on Weight Watchers. So wish me luck!!! Anyone else out there with some advice?

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