Monday, January 7, 2008

I can Knit now, so here we go!!!

I made this from Buffalo Wool that I rescued from a local thrift store. It comes in hugh squares and I had to split it for a finer strand. It breaks apart very easily but I just have to twist the two pieces together and continue knitting. The original pattern is from Vivian Hoxbro and I just added a pocket for a cell phone. I made this bag for Amy my Physiotherapist. One session I came in holding this bag and she fell in love with it. Since she helped speed up my recovery from Carpel Tunnel Surgery I really wanted to make it for her. I'm glad I did because she loved it!!!

I just finished these fingerless gloves for my daughter. She works in a cold warehouse and has a hard time keeping here hands warm. Once again I made this from rescued wool from the local thrift store. The tag says its made in France and is Virgin wool. I think the label says Gingonim Mondaim. It's really soft and the color is more blue green than gray.

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