Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Windy Day at Mud Bay

Today is the day after Boxing Day and everyone seems tired of partying. The sales were not that great this year in the electronic division. I'm assuming that those days are gone. We used to get up early boxing day morning and go stand in line to get the best deal ever on some electronic devise. It was fun because my brother and his family would stay over night Christmas day and then would get up really early the next morning to stand in line to get that great deal. I think those days are gone. My oldest D looked at the flyer from a store in town and saw an MP3 player for a great deal. She did not want to get up early and stand in the cold so she went on line the day before and bought it for the flyer price from the same store. This is progress I guess. There goes all that excitement!!! So My Hubby and I went for a walk in the mud flats. It was windy and fresh. A nice trail except its to close to the highway for part of the trail. Because of its beauty and freshness it doesn't seem to matter.

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