Monday, December 24, 2007

Dog Mountain on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to a local mountain to hike the Dog trail. It was a beautiful sunny day and so we ceased the opportunity. DH took his snow shoes along and the rest of us had hiking boots. It was so much easier climbing on the snow covered trails compared to the roots and rock trail in the summer. It was like a fairy land walking through the forest with snow covered trees.

Cabin on the Mountain top

Hubby on snow shoes with a view of down below

On top with entrance of the park in the background

Having fun in the snow

Smooth snow covered trails

Unbelievable beauty

Reaching the end of the trail

Oh, by the way, I was knitting the whole way to the mountain and actually took my knitting in my pocket as we were climbing. I thought if I had a chance I would knit more on my Chevron Dishcloth. I really like this pattern.

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