Friday, November 30, 2007

Hopes and Dreams

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Don't you just love getting new creams and makeup? They are so pretty when you open them. They're almost too pretty. You don't want to touch it just want to take pictures of it otherwise... you might ruin it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Everytime I sit down the cat jumps on me

I don't know where she comes from but she just comes to sit or I should say stand on my lap. She doesn't snuggle much. She usually stands or walks across. She walks all over the keyboard never touching a key only trying to distract me. How does she do that? Oh by the way her name is Josie. She entertains us on Sunday morning when the family is sitting in the living room having coffee and scones. When you rip paper her eyes just light up. She loves to crawl under newspapers and attach it. She then quickly pretends to be uninterested now...

I love the world of blogland

I love the world of blog land and have enjoyed getting to know people all over the world. It feels kind of weird knowing something of them but they know nothing about me. I read blogs mostly dealing with knitting and I really enjoy the beautiful pictures and color that some people are able to capture. This brightens my day.

Right now I am not suppose to knit because I have had Carpel Tunnel surgery on my right hand . I need to wait another three months before I can knit. I cannot believe how hard it is to wait for this. I have been bad and knitted some but have paid for it with a sore hand the next day. I am glad that I had the surgery. It was a success!!! I can now hold a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, drive, and sleep without my hand going numb. There is probably more that I can do but haven't had the chance to try. I'm sure I will be able to knit without have to shake my hand every few minutes to get the feeling back into it. The recovery is a bit longer than I had anticipated and waiting to knit is frustrating but it is worth it.